Scotty Offset Gears and Slip Discs Review

If you could buy two items that could make your fishing simpler, more dialed in and easier would you? What if I told you that together both items would cost less than $10? It sounds too good to be true but it's not. I have the magic items and I can tell you, they are worth twice what they are asking if not three times.

Scotty No. 414 Offset Gears

So what are these modern marvels? Let me introduce you to the Scotty No. 414 Offset Gears and the Scotty No. 415 Slip Discs.

The Offset Gear is placed between the two existing gears on a Scotty mount to double the number of adjustments you can make. Finding a better angle but still maintaining that rigid hold is not only possible but extremely inexpensive. I used the Offset Gears in my Scotty Gear Head Mount Extender (No. 429) to get a better angle for my GoPro which is attached to a PanFish Camera Mount from YakAttack. I just couldn't get the angle I wanted with the standard gears. I popped in an Offset Gear and voila!I had what I wanted. I also tried it out in a Scotty rod holder which worked well but I still needed more fine tuning capability. That is where the No. 415 Slip Discs came in.

The Scotty No. 415 Slip Discs will tune as finely as you can dial it in.
Scotty No. 415 Slip Discs
A typical Scotty gear has teeth on both sides. The Slip Discs have teeth only on one side. What this allows you to do is make micrometer like adjustments up and down to find the perfect angle on that rod holder. These can be used with all the other Scotty mounts that have gears in them as well. The only thing you are really giving up is that iron clad security of teeth on both sides. With enough force the Slip Discs will do exactly that, slip. That's what they are made for. With a hand tightened nut on a rod holder or extension, in almost all applications, the 415 will be good to go.

Scotty No. 429 Gear Head Mt Ext.
I started kayak fishing with Scotty rod holders almost a decade ago. I fished them more because of the price point difference than because of functionality. There were other rod holders that had better adjustability but they were twice the cost. I knew the Scotty rod holders and extenders were clunky. The angles never seemed what I really wanted and so I eventually stopped using them. With the release of the Offset Gears and the Slip Discs, Scotty is going to get another shot on my kayak. The price point on Scotty products is already hard to beat and with these newest additions, affordability and functionality are both part of the new equation. If you are looking for a way to fine tune your Scotty products and your fishing, this is it,

If you would like to order some of these products you can go to the links below. These folks at HOOK1 are top notch and have the best prices around.

No. 414 Scotty Offset Gears (Listed at $4.49)

No. 415 Scotty Slip Discs (Listed at $4.49)

Since I mentioned it, if you needed to check out a Gear Head Mount Extender, here is a link as well:

Scotty No. 429 Gear Head Mount Extender (Listed at $24.99)

Thanks for reading. More reviews are on the way this week as we will look at some additional Scotty and YakAttack products.

All Rigged Up

Next week I'll have full details, reviews and ordering information up for most of the things you see here. Thanks for watching!

A Nice Little Surprise

In my email today I received a notification that I had been awarded the badge you see to the right side of the screen from Here is what they sent me:

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I'm not sure how or why but I always appreciate being noticed for writing about something I am passionate about.
This may not be a very big deal at all but it made me feel good about what I am doing. 

To the reader who nominated me, Thank You!

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Always Have a Backup Plan

Over the years I have often needed to change from Plan A to Plan B. This weekend may have been the first time I have used Plan C.

The November Tournament for the NTKBF Club was scheduled for Saturday at Mineral Wells State Park. I had been prepping, modifying, tinkering and organizing gear for at least a month though it felt like longer. Of course, Mother Nature decided she would unleash Big Bad Wolf style on the North Texas area Saturday. The tournament directors rightly chose to postpone the tourney to a later named date. I had already planned to drive up to the Dallas area to stay with my brother so I activated Plan B. I called him and we made a plan to fish a south shoreline, somewhat sheltered from the wind, at a local lake. I would load up, follow the same travel schedule, fish and then return home. No big deal. I'm flexible.

Fast forward to a few hours later. I was attempting to load the kayaks on top of my SUV and the Big Bad Wolf made her presence known. I loaded the Coosa and strapped her down which wasn't too bad. Lifting a 70 pound kayak over your head in the wind is never fun but it went fine. The next task was to load the Cobra Tandem on top of the Coosa and strap them both down. I have done this before but never in the wind and especially not in 30+ mph wind. Four times I got the Cobra up and almost in position when out of the south a demon wind would rise up and remove the kayak from its perch. Luckily no damage was sustained but after the fourth time I just sat down in a chair in the yard. The Cobra weighs in at 80 lbs and the angles and wind and spinning and lifting wore me down. My body said no more. My mind told me this was an omen. Mother nature was telling me this trip was a no go. And so died Plan B.

I was mad. Upset. Disappointed. My wife pulled into the driveway and saw the melee in the grass. She saw the disgust in my face. I asked her to help me re-rack the kayaks in the garage and we talked about a conversation she had with my soon to be 8 year old. He really wanted to go fishing. I thought about the Leon River but the strain of the dragging and loading just deflated me. I told her I would think on it and we finished the unload.

I was reading the forums looking for ideas and then a light bulb radiated in the front of my mind so bright I could have lit the block! I know a place! It would take a phone call and a little good luck but I knew a place where my son and I could both go, the wind would be an advantage and we could make a real memory or two. I made the call and it was a go. We were going to do a Father-Son outing with one of my good fishing
buddies and his son. Plan C was alive and well.

We all piled into my small SUV and made the hour trek to a place we call Dave's. It's a lake with a few acres, hungry bass and in a valley where the south wind is a big help in casting. We all four fished for a while and then the two boys went traipsing through the underbrush looking for grasshoppers, Devil's Claws and any other insect that could be caught. We only spent three hours at Dave's but it's some of the best time I've ever spent with my son.

The time was great. Plan C worked. I learned a lesson. We ended the day with over 30 fish, a container full of finds and great times. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Sometimes, a backup plan to your backup plan is the best plan of all.

Water Wednesday

Depending on which candidates you supported yesterday, today could be bitter or sweet. Or maybe both. I tend to not publicize my votes, talk politics much at all and really despise the process of picking most years. There is drama in every walk of life but one that has little drama 99.9% of the time is my passion, kayak fishing.

I wanted to have a day to allow everyone to remember what drives them to joy. It could be fishing, kayaking, both, gardening, hunting, origami etc etc. My obvious love of kayak fishing has brought me to name today, "Water Wednesday". No more politics. Just good kayaking talk from here on out.

I have several upcoming projects and will be investing significant amounts of time working on them. What does that mean? My posting will most likely be about once a week. I appreciate all the visits, questions, comments and shares. I think a big reason for the response has been trying to produce quality, useful content. Working on these projects will mean less blogging for a bit. I'll be around; don't worry. The once a week post is going to be my new norm for a while.

So what are the projects? Without divulging too much information, I'll be doing some extensive product reviews for a very well known company which I was approached by recently. I can't express how excited I am about this opportunity. I will also be working on a new e-book about kayak fishing. When it is released, it will be free to the first 500 subscribers. I expect it to be released next spring. My last major project is videography. I am somewhat limited in the number of people I can reach by having a writing platform. I want to expand into some video as well for those quick hit visual demos to help spread the kayak fishing knowledge I have learned from the school of hard knocks and by learning from the many ambassadors of kayak fishing I have met and fished with.

Are you saying, "I came here for the giveaway!"?

So here are the details:

The prize is a $25 gift certificate to Austin Canoe and Kayak. The prize will be mailed to the winner within 14 business days of the drawing. The drawing will be held next Tuesday, November 13th. The winner will be notified on the 14th. All persons except my immediate family are eligible.

What to do:

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All names will be entered in the drawing and a random winner drawn. If you leave a comment, you will have to check back here to see if you won. If the winner is on Facebook, I'll send you a message. If the winner has not responded within 7 days, a new drawing will be done.

Have fun with it. Shares, subscriptions and comments are always appreciated. Thanks for reading and have a better day by planning a paddle trip soon!