Kayak Fishing's Big Secret

It's Spring. The weather is finally getting and staying warm here in Texas and the folks thinking about kayak fishing are saving their money and asking lots of questions. I think some of our new guys, sniffing around, thinking about kayaks are missing a big secret though.

Are you ready?

Here it is:

You don't have to BUY a kayak to TRY kayak fishing.

It is awesome when you have your own kayak, can load up and go where the wind takes you and feel the freedom from beating the banks. It really is. I whole heartedly believe most people are too shy to ask to borrow a kayak to try it out. Sure we talk about demo days but that's paddling around for a few minutes. We talk about rentals too, but let's be honest here for a second. Very few rental fleets are made up of fishing kayaks. Can you fish from them? Yep. Is it ideal or likely a kayak you will purchase down the road to fish from? Nope.

There are lots of people who have multiple kayaks in the garage that are more than willing to bring an extra and have you join up for a fishing trip. We want you to like it. We also don't want to see you frustrated after dropping $200 on a garage sell, Craigslist special that makes you hurt all over. Do what you can to get into the sport but let us try to help.

Not every person has extras. Not every person is comfortable meeting new folks to fish with all day. But, some of us are. Actually, I think a lot of us are.

If you think you need to buy a kayak to try kayak fishing, don't feel that way. Make a post on a local fishing forum or Facebook group. Tell people you are interested in going on a kayak fishing trip but don't have a kayak yet. Offer to help pay for some gas or bring snacks or something. Be kind, considerate and thankful and you'll make new friends who will gladly help you on your journey. Remember, we don't know who you are yet, so you'll have to be forward and ask for an invite. When you go with us, it's not a test paddle of a kayak, it is a learning experience. Soak up all the info you can. It will help you make a better, informed decision when it does come time to visit Mariner-Sails to buy that Hobie or Ride, calling HOOK1 to order that Knot Right Camo special or even strolling into the Academy to get that Pescador12 or Heritage Angler 10.

Let us help you. And help me help others by sharing this secret.

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Joe Castillo said...

I've yet to really get out on the water except for a 30 min off shore at lake Belton to test myself on the water and it felt good not to get wet except when I was setting down . I enjoyed my little trip and hope to get out more this summer .