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Politics and Fishing

As we near another Presidential election here in the United States, many minds, even those of us obsessed with fishing, turn to politics. The first debate is in the books and sides are emerging more clearly. People tend to polarize quickly this time of year. Most will spend the next month trying to convince you of their candidates good qualities and at the same time gleefully share the other candidates flaws. In a family that has both Democrats, Republicans and Independents, I try to steer clear of all of it. Will I vote? Yes. Will I tell you who I voted for? Not a chance.And to alleviate the clutter that fills my brain, I do, as several of our nations past presidents did, and relieve the stress by going fishing.

Not only is October a stressful month but is also a great fishing month. The weather is turning cool, the fish are eating to store up for winter and those 105 degree days are but another memory. The long pants and light jacket, stuffed into waders to go stalking in a stream or river or coastal lagoon brings a bit of solice to the soul.

Herbert Hoover, in  Fishing for Fun and to Wash Your Soul said this:

Herbert Hoover Fishing-
That Presidents have taken to fishing in an astonishing fashion seems to me worthy of investigation. I think I have discovered the reason: it is the silent sport. One of the few opportunities given a President for the refreshment of his soul and the clarification of his thoughts by solitude lies through fishing. Fishing seems to be one of the few avenues left to Presidents through which they may escape to their own thoughts, may live in the own imaginings, find relief from the pneumatic hammer of constant personal contacts, and refreshment of mind in rippling waters.
Many other Presidents have been seekers of the streams refuge. Washington, Coolidge, Cleveland, Carter, FDR, Eisenhower and Bush Sr have all been touted as avid fishermen. They remind us in many different articles and interviews about the rest, peace and relaxation that lies within the environs of fishing.

Grover Cleveland, known for fishing regardless of weather conditions, (including hail storms) made a timeless  remark by saying:

In these sad and ominous days of mad fortune chasing, every patriotic, thoughtful citizen, whether he fishes or not, should lament that we have not among our countrymen more fishermen. 

The very people we often argue over this time of year take time to do what many of us do here- go fishing. So I challenge each of you to take time this month to step away from the debates, recharge your soul and go fishing.

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