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Beauty Seared Deep

"A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it." –Arnold Gingrich

When I close my eyes at night and have the good fortune to dream of fishing, one fish seems to make more appearances than any other. One very particular fish. Normally I chase bass of some variety or when on the coast will go after reds but a small brown trout is so often the star of my midnight matinees. 

I suppose the stars just aligned for that fish to become so prominent in my fishing memories. In 2009, my parents, siblings and our extended family of some aunts and uncles, along with our matriarch went on vacation to a little town called Almont, Colorado. I have a distant cousin who has a place there so we made the two day trek and drove. It is a truly beautiful place. Nestled north of Gunnison and east of Crested Butte, the mountains, wildflowers and three rivers create quite the spectacle. 

Anxious to be fishing, my brother and I procured our licenses and went to it. Our paths eventually lead us to a little lake tucked away in the mountains, across grated dirt where it filled about 70 acres. I'm sure it has a name but we never knew it. As the afternoon progressed and the sun started to hide behind the towering trees, I caught my first brown trout ever. It was 16 inches long and the most beautiful fish I had ever laid eyes  on. I'm mostly and medically colorblind but this fish shown so vibrant I felt as if it were a gift. The golds, purples, pinks and greens were captivating. The only pictures I have of the fish are the ones of beauty seared deep into my memories. 

I felt like I had received a gift. I still do. Sharing such a beautiful landscape with my brother was gift enough but it was as if God Himself had changed my ability to see colors for that moment so I could truly appreciate the beauty He had created. I love that moment. It is a warm and glowing beacon that further strengthens my love of fishing. It allows me to appreciate creation as designed and know that I need to remember the One who made it possible. 

That is my moment of beauty seared deep. 

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