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Need Kayak Selector Beta Testers

As I teased on the Facebook page earlier in the week, I am getting ready to release in the next few days, an online kayak selector, meant to help folks who aren't sure what they should look at. It asks you to rank on level of importance for 12 different categories. It includes 18 popular selling kayaks currently. This is just a beta and I couldn't put every single kayak in there just yet. I have tried to represent several brands and multiple kayaks from that manufacturer if available. I did not include certain brands or makes if I had not paddled them or been in a predecessor so that I could measure the initial logic myself based on my wants and needs.

In the final release I expect to include 50+ kayaks and 20 to 25 questions. Certain categories are hard to put an objective number on so they were omitted. Others were tied to physical characteristics. It is by no means perfect and will be under constant refinement. 

What I am looking for are beta testers. I need to find 20 people to help and give feedback. If you just want to look at it, use it once and then never say anything productive, this isn't going to work out for me or you. I am trying to build something massive and need constructive thoughts about changes, inclusions, exclusions etc. If you want to be involved in helping fine tune something that could be a major help to new comers to the sport we love, here is what to do:

Beta Testers should email me at: [email protected]

In the subject line please put: Kayak Selector Beta Tester

If you are selected you will receive a confirmation and I will release the link to you via email on or before Tuesday of next week.

Please provide feedback via the email address above within two weeks. Try it multiple times with different criteria. See what kind of results you get. Do they seem accurate or is something throwing it off? What seems to be a recurring kayak regardless of what you put in? Other thoughts?

If you're interested, let me know. It comes with zero money but the pride of knowing you helped a new guy select a kayak in a more informed way.