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And The Winner Is.....

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway. I hope to do more of these as the site continues to grow. Trying to do contests out of my own pocketbook is limiting but it also keeps the site unbiased and able to give you true feedback on kayaks, products and gear. Please note that you can see all the pictures, videos and other cool things on our new Pinterest page (the link is on the right side of every page). Also, you can subscribe through Networked Blogs and be the first to know when new content hits the site.

I have some exciting new stuff coming up this spring including the launch of my first book. It will be an e-book and absolutely free! Look for that around the end of May.

If you like what you see here please tell a friend, share a post and subscribe. The more subscribers, followers and readers that come here, the more reviews and articles I can do for you. I do want to say thank you to Mariner-Sails of Dallas, TX for allowing me the opportunity to test so many kayaks and give you, the reader, my honest feedback of the good and the bad.

So, without further ado,

I'll send you a Facebook message to get your information in the next 24 hours. Thanks for entering!

The Spring Giveaway Contest is Now Open

The Prizes:

5 Packs of Hag's Tornado Baits in F4
5 Packs of Hag's Undertaker Jr
A $25 gift card to either Tackle Warehouse
    or Academy Sports (winner's choice)

Here are the three ways you can enter:

Option #1
If you "Like" the Facebook Fan Page of Payne's Paddle Fish = 1 Entry

Option #2
If you "Subscribe" to Payne's Paddle Fish = 1 Entry

Option #3
If you "Follow" Payne's Paddle Fish on Networked Blogs = 1 Entry

All of these options are available from the right side of the website (see image)

You may enter with all three options. People who have liked, followed or subscribed previously are already entered.

The Rules
There must be 100 new entries for a winner to be chosen. We will be running this contest for one week so please get the word out. If the 100 new entries are not reached, one extension period of an additional week may be granted. If not reached at that time, the contest will be void.

To help this along I will add in one more way to enter:

Option #4
If you share the posting about this contest from the original Payne's Paddle Fish Facebook Page or from Chris Payne's personal Facebook page you will get an additional entry. IT MUST BE FROM THE ORIGINAL POSTS. Shares from friends shares will not garner an additional entry.

I realize this is Facebook heavy but most of my blog marketing is done via Facebook. Option #2 is a way for everyone to be able to enter with just a valid email address. Any discrepancies will be handled by Payne's Paddle Fish. The winner will be announced via Facebook and on Texas Fishing Forum the day after the contest ends.

Good luck and get the word out!

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