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Bring Solutions!

The question has been posed. The tables are being set now. The eyes of many are now turned to what was once a few. The direction of kayak fishing tournaments and their future are being decided. Right. Now.

More retailers are selling kayaks than ever before. Retailers that once only carried a couple of kayaks are expanding their fleet of options. Companies like Dick's Sporting Goods, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's all want a piece of the pie.

Big Box Retail Store Kayak Display

Our sport is growing and companies see that.

 With growth comes new ideas, new people and new problems. People who may not have the years of experience that some of the old guard do are wanting to advance the sport. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but the direction they want to go is met with mixed emotions.

The overwhelming divider is whether kayak fishing needs a national tournament trail, a governing body and a standard set of rules. Some people want to leave it as 100 different little local trails that do their own thing. Others want a trail like Bassmasters Elite or FLW to really up the prize money and national draw. So which is right?

The Future?

They both may be right. Just because there is an FLW tour doesn't mean local bass club tourneys don't exist. Just because we have Cap City in Austin doesn't mean we can't have TNT weeknight tourneys.

The discussion is everywhere across the internet but is really sprouting in a Facebook group that has 720 members called the "Angler's for the Advancement of Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments".  Tournament anglers from all over the country discuss logistical, theoretical and idealistic ideas that they feel will aid in guiding the direction of tournaments into the future. Well, at least that's the idea. Beau Reed is the groups creator. He runs a kayak bass tourney trail in Texas. Check out the Mission:

The Mission of the Anglers for the Advancement Group

The problem is the group can be a think tank for some but a pulpit for others. Rather than talking about ideas, some have made it their priority to point out flaws in any person's idea yet never offer a solution themselves. Always the critic. Never the creator. We have plenty and don't need anymore.

We have a rule at my office. It's ok to bring problems to the boss, but think about and bring possible solutions when you present the problem. Bring solutions! I think that's what the group needs. Problems + Solutions = More Fruitful Conversations.

So why bring this up?

It's important for many voices to be heard as this discussion is formed. I'd love for more people to join the conversation. Most of it is helping move the sport forward and allowing participants and directors to exchange ideas from across the country. It is my belief that this COULD be the basis for a mainstream trail in the near future. If that's the case, are there things you have questions about, want to give input on or discuss with people from the other parts of the world? This is a great place to do that.

I would encourage you that when you bring a problem, also bring a proposed solution.

Want to join and see what the buzz is about? Click here:
Anglers for the Advancement of Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments

How to Grow Kayak Bass Tournament Fishing

A great discussion is going on in the kayak fishing realm right now. The venue is a Facebook group and the participants are spread across the US. The discussions could very well be the beginning ground swell that launches kayak fishing tournaments to the next level. At the very least, it is putting all of the issues on the table. The mission of the group (which is open) is this:

Mission- To promote the efforts of kayak anglers across the United States to encourage mainstream growth of the Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament scene. This forum can be utilized by anyone interested in the growth of kayak bass fishing tournaments only. This is not a public forum made available for company advertisements. These are individuals that feel that it is time that the companies, local business leaders, industry innovators, and anglers within the world fishing community take notice of the kayak bass fishing tournament scene’s upsurge in popularity.

Some of the things being discussed are:

Live Weigh In vs CPR format

Should anglers use the Cath-Photo-Release method or would a live weigh in be better. Some have voice concerns on mortality rate of fish who are out of the water so long while being photographed and that their protective slime that helps prevent disease is being damaged. Does a live weigh in do more damage or less? Could some kayaks be fitted with livewells or would this become dragging fish around on a stringer?

Road Runner vs Single Launch Point

Some voice concerns that road runner tournaments (where you are allowed to launch from anywhere on the lake) allow people to cheat by potentially leaving the venue, going elsewhere and fishing and then returning to weigh in. On some lakes this just isn't possible or practical. On some it is. You also give an advantage to certain styles of kayaks from a single launch spot. Where is the balance? Is there middle ground?

Standardization of Measurement Device

Many concerns abound about measuring devices. Some like that Hawg Trough, others hate it. Many suggestions have been made about what an ideal device would look like yet it hasn't been made yet. Some voiced concerns that the current boards are doing damage.

How Best to Grow the Sport

Do we need a promotional organizer? How do we get people interested from a spectator point of view? How do we get more participation? How do we get enough sponsors? Will it be worth the drive? How do we develop a trail? This question is really wide open.

Divisions- Are They Needed and What are the Qualifications

This question got into the weeds quickly because some tournaments aren't used to having divisions and some are. Others want to change the names from "Pro" and "Amateur" because there are really no professionals in our sport. Semantics got the better of the discussion for a bit but now the discussion is wandering back toward qualifications, longevity and differentiators if divisions are done. 

The discussions are all good and have remained very civil. Even if the only thing to come out of this is the discussion, it is a great start to what appears to be a very bright future for kayak fishing. Some are worried it will become too commercialized. To them, I will point to professional bass angling from power boats. You can have a tournament trail that is a professional or as laid back as you want. You also don't have to fish tournaments at all. Fishing is what YOU make it and your level of involvement depends on YOU. Just because a pro trail exists, it does not ruin the sport. People are free to participate or not. The ideal state is for more people to discover the love of kayak fishing that more and more people have every day. 


The Next Kayak Review(s) Announced and "The Truth"

I asked and you responded.

The next kayak to get a full review from Payne's Paddle Fish will be the Native Slayer 12.

But wait! There's more!

In addition to the Native Slayer 12, I will also be reviewing the Native Slayer 14.5

To add to that, I will also be testing the new front hatch cover for the Slayers and some other cool products after they are released in May.

First, I want to say thanks for all of you that voted in the polls and left comments and feedback. Whether it hailed from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or the Texas Fishing Forum, your voice was heard. This won't be the last of the reviews either.

I would also like to introduce a new title for the reviews. The reviews that are on this sight will be branded as "The Truth. All of it."

I won't hide flaws. I won't gush unless it's worthy. If you have a product you can send me or I can pickup that you want reviewed, please let me know. Just understand that you will get valuable feedback that has been developed over a longer period of time than most. I spend a minimum of 40 days with a kayak and a minimum of 40 hours on the water in addition to another 20 in the garage and on the rack. I film, take pictures and thoroughly go over all the details.  And you'll get the truth. All of it. If you want it public, I can do that. If you want private feedback, I can do that as well. Just let me know.

I will pickup the Slayer 12 on April 20 and have it until the end of May. After that I'll pickup the Slayer 14.5, hopefully the front hatch and should finish up by the end of July. I'll be able to give feedback along the way with both but won't do a full review until both kayak terms are completed. Yes, that is a long time.

I realize my review turn time is longer than most but I want to give you a thorough, thought out analysis of the pros and cons, not a weekend of paddling to give buyers advice.

Thanks for reading, commenting and recommending the Native Slayer.

The Spring Giveaway Contest is Now Open

The Prizes:

5 Packs of Hag's Tornado Baits in F4
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A $25 gift card to either Tackle Warehouse
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Here are the three ways you can enter:

Option #1
If you "Like" the Facebook Fan Page of Payne's Paddle Fish = 1 Entry

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All of these options are available from the right side of the website (see image)

You may enter with all three options. People who have liked, followed or subscribed previously are already entered.

The Rules
There must be 100 new entries for a winner to be chosen. We will be running this contest for one week so please get the word out. If the 100 new entries are not reached, one extension period of an additional week may be granted. If not reached at that time, the contest will be void.

To help this along I will add in one more way to enter:

Option #4
If you share the posting about this contest from the original Payne's Paddle Fish Facebook Page or from Chris Payne's personal Facebook page you will get an additional entry. IT MUST BE FROM THE ORIGINAL POSTS. Shares from friends shares will not garner an additional entry.

I realize this is Facebook heavy but most of my blog marketing is done via Facebook. Option #2 is a way for everyone to be able to enter with just a valid email address. Any discrepancies will be handled by Payne's Paddle Fish. The winner will be announced via Facebook and on Texas Fishing Forum the day after the contest ends.

Good luck and get the word out!

All New Posts Available on Facebook

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick announcement that all new posts will be automatically feeding to the Payne's Paddle Fish Facebook page.(Make sure you go by and like the page). You don't even have to visit the PPF site if you are already playing games and socializing. I hope this makes it even easier to get updates and see what's going on.

Look also for a newsletter, subscription options and more in the coming weeks. I'll be posting one more article this week and then concentrating on preparations for the PKAA tournament on Lake Fork this weekend. Catch us tomorrow on the site or on Facebook and then come back next week for more exciting announcements and content. We might even have a contest or two or three!

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