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The Baits You Should Know About

My style must be different. I'm not sure what it is but often when I chat with other fishermen on the water about what I'm using I get weird looks. Maybe it's because it's not a super-mega brand, maybe it's because I  take a lot of recommendations or maybe it's my affinity for custom baits. Any way you slice it, many of us have a bait we tell folks about. Some of us have multiple. I fall into the latter category. So what should you try next with that gift card or that extra $20 you found in your jeans? Try these:

Hag's Tornado Bait 

Featured last week on the Split Shot Rig post, this bait has been a go-to for me for a while. The rattle chamber in the tail allows this bait to stand straight up on a shakey head, float a worm hook and drive fish crazy suspending on a carolina rig. My favorite size is the small F4 which is a 4" worm. All of the baits have water displacing ribs that draw attention under the water and allow a slower descent through the water column. At about $4 a pack, this is worth a look. Check them out at a local tackle shop or

Warbaits Slayer Swimjigs 

My frustrations with jigs hanging in rocks or brush were reduced greatly when I started throwing a Warbait Swimjig. A very narrow head allows it to come through cover with the precision of...well, a fish. I fish this jig both as a swimmer and as a slow hopper on the bottom. Always looking for a slow descent, I prefer the 1/4oz version in Bream but the jigs come in multiple sizes all the way up to 2oz. Check them out at

Paul Krew Custom Baits 

If you always wanted a hot pink, chartreuse, black polka dotted lizard with blue stripes, Paul can make it. I found out about Paul on Facebook, which is good because that's the only place he takes orders currently. If you can dream it, Paul can make it. He makes more than just lizards too. Drop shot worms, fat head minnows, paddle tail, curly tail, beavers, frogs and more. The selection is amazing and the colors are only limited by your imagination. Check him out if you're on Facebook at

3:16 Lure Co. Minnow 

What constitutes a swimbait is always up for discussion but there is no doubt this is a swimbait. Of all the soft swimbaits I've ever used, this is the best thought out. It has a wide profile, a huge tail thump and can go through the nastiest slop without an issue. Don't let the name fool you, this swimbait weighs over an ounce just by itself but outshines all the others in every condition. You don't need a several hundred dollar swimbait setup to throw this swimbait worth more than its weight in gold. (Don't sleep on the sissy color.) If you want to check them out, go to

6th Sense Lures Crush 50X

Before 6th Sense grew into a mainstream name, I bought some Threadfin Shad 50X's. Now that they are available at Tackle Warehouse and several other places more people have come to know them but they still are an up and comer in a market filled with Strike King and Lucky Craft. Some of the best paint schemes I've ever seen, the 50X should be a squarebill in your box. (If you want a diver check out the 300DD).

I'm always looking for an edge as I think many of you are but it's always nice to share. If you have a bait you think I should know about, leave a comment! Or if you want me to keep it a secret, shoot me an email. However you choose to share your info, always be on the lookout for the next great thing and stretch those horizons a bit. It'll make you a better fisherman and help those small businesses.


Disclaimer: I was not,at the time of this writing, sponsored by or receiving discounts on any of these baits. ( I am now on the Hag's Tornado Bait Team).I was not receiving them for promotion or for the purposes of this article. These are baits that I bought, usually online, through the recommendations of others. While I am not opposed to pro staff deals or sponsorships, it is important that if one exists, it is disclosed. In this case, the one that does exist is now disclosed. If another deal were to arise with one of these baits, this post would again be amended to state as such.