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An Announcement

As has grown over the last several months, I’ve had to make some decisions about the direction I will take the site moving forward. I have been blessed to have interest from companies about paddling a boat that they make. I have had opportunities to visit with people from different parts of the industry and a lot of people who are just kayak fishermen. Most of them shared that what they valued from was the ability to talk about a lot of different brands without being a “sponsor site”. Sponsor sites are typically paid for, at least partially, by companies who want you to talk about their product. Most of the time you can only talk about their product. There are places for that but I have visions of a site that can talk about a lot of different kayaks and accessories and without the normal, brand-friendly comments. I want to avoid doing reviews of products that have only good things to say. I believe there is always room for improvement though some have a larger area than others to work on.  For those of you that know me I am a "call it like I see it" type of person. If it needs improvement, I’ll say something. I try to put that into my thoughts, my writing and my daily life as much as possible while being tactful and constructive at the same time.

As some different projects to develop kayaking and kayak angling started to come to fruition here in Central Texas, it became evident very quickly that I would need some help. I am just one guy. I needed a reputable place to send people interested in buying kayaks where the staff and owners treat every person as an individual to make sure they could get the perfect boat for their situation. I wanted to be able to send them to a business who valued them whether they were spending $5 or $5,000. I hoped to find a business that could help me develop the projects I’m working on, give feedback and a little time.

After again speaking to several people in and around the kayak fishing world the same name kept popping up. I decided to make a road trip and go see what this business was all about. I’ll just say it was everything I expected and more. After a few phone calls and emails, an agreement and new partnership was formed. I will be able to continue developing the website as a site that talks about many kayak brands, offers suggestions for improvement, talks about accessories, innovations, outings, and so much more. I’ll be able to work boat shows and tackle shows for them and hear first-hand what customers are wanting, answer questions for folks thinking about getting into kayak fishing, give advice based on each customer’s needs and not be tied to one specific manufacturer. Additionally, as my projects to further kayak fishing in Central Texas and beyond grow, I’ll be able to involve more people more quickly.

Starting on February 9th, I’ll be working with the team at Mariner-Sails in Dallas, TX to grow the kayaking and kayak fishing worlds and do it the right way, the Mariner way, where the customer is first. I’ll be able to bring you reviews on the newest boats from a large number of manufacturers including Wilderness Systems, Hobie, Native, Malibu and more.  If there is something you would like an opinion on, I want to earn the right to be the opinion you seek. I am excited about this great and unique opportunity. I can’t possibly express my thanks enough to Aris and the fine folks at Mariner for allowing me to realize this dream and being such forerunners in our sport.

I look forward to your ideas and questions of what we should cover next. If it’s a possibility, I’ll do everything I can to make it happen.  If you are in the area or have some time to drive I’d love to visit with you from 10-6 February 9th at Mariner-Sails.
As always, thanks for reading.


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