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Zooka Tube Thoughts

Luther Cifers from YakAttack upped the ante when he introduced the Zooka Tube this summer. A rod holder that can manage baitcasters, spinning reels, long pole or just about any other combination, the Zooka is proving to be one of the most versatile, rugged options for securing your fishing poles.

Past the obvious use, many folks, myself included are using the Zooka as a holder for a Park-N-Pole. An anchor trolley gives a lot of flex and using the scupper holes in your kayak can do damage over time when trying to stay put in wind and waves. The Zooka allows a very rigid mounting point to your kayak with easy in and out access for quick moves on and off anchor.

The Zooka also allows lots of flexible positions because of the RAM ball. The spherical head provides myriad angles to make sure you can choose what you need for best ease of use specific for your application.

Inside the Zooka are interlocking teeth, tightened by a wing style nut and fitted with an interior spring. This is my only gripe about the rod holder. The interlocking teeth offer too few angles and deep teeth that require a lot of unscrewing, separation and re-tightening  to set the angle of the tube. While on the water, this is tough and a bit scary.

 Utilizing an existing product I have had success modifying the Zooka slightly to make those slight adjustments quicker and less difficult. I have added a Scotty Slip Disc to the interior gear set. By placing this Slip Disc inside, I only need a quarter turn to loosen the tube find the exact angle I need and then re-tighten. This slight modification is low cost ($4) and gives further refinement to an already well designed rod holder.

The Zooka Tube is definitely worth a look. I have already replaced my RAM 2007 rod holder with the Zooka and have plans for an additional one in the near future. For about $30 you can add one to your arsenal and stop limiting the rods you can take with you. This newest offering from YakAttack will fit almost all of them.