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The Slow Crawl of Time Before a Trip

Salvador Dali gets it
Oh Dear Little Baby Jesus in your golden fleeced diaper! This week is going to crawl. For sure the first two days of it.

I have today and tomorrow to wrap up any loose ends and then Wednesday is an off day for final prep before the sixth edition of "Assault on the Salt" happens. We leave out early Thursday morning and I hope to be cast netting bait by 2PM Thursday.

Waves of cold fronts are coming in, cooling off the waters and some large trout are being caught. I cannot wait! Even better will be the night fishing around the lights and my blazed out blue SuperNova lit Outback. I'll be fishing with the drive out mostly this trip but I don't plan on having to cover tons of water. Copano Bay on the Texas Coast is chock full of put in and take out spots. With the kayak trailer finished, we'll load up quickly and move from spot to spot if needed.

Friday some of my friends from the Dallas area are heading down and staying just across the bridge from us. With that kind of man power in the water hopefully we can find fish and get after it. I plan on taking lots of pictures this trip but little to no video.

I feel like video is best left to those guys who love it. Bobby, Alan, Rex, Rob and all the others in the kayak world do great stuff. Maybe someday I'll get back to it but my JoBu superstitious streak has me cautious and I don't want to spend my time away worrying about battery life and angles. Maybe another time.

Emails are slow coming in today. Apparently the cool weather has everyone a little sluggish. Might be time to make yet another list of all the gear I need to take, cross reference tide charts and plan where to eat lunch on Thursday.

Maybe I'll watch a few YouTube videos tonight of Rob Choi, Robert Field and Tino Medietta.

Is it Wednesday yet?

Are Sponsorships Not What You Think?

Chad Hoover
Last week when I wrote the "Want to Be Sponsored?" piece,  I heard from people in 32 different countries. Some were mad, some angry, some thought I was clueless, some agreed but what became evidently clear is that the definitions of the different levels were muddy and in some cases not even known. 

Luckily, Chad Hoover who has worn hats as a business owner, tv show host, manufacturers rep, pro staff director, kayak fisherman and brand rep chimed in. He saw what I saw: misconceptions and half truths. Chad wanted to give an outline of what the different levels were from a business and manufacturer rep's standpoint as well as someone who had climbed through them all. It may not hold true for all companies but it does for a lot of them. Actually most of them.

You want the inside scoop? The real deal from Hoover himself? Here it is.

We'll start first with definitions.

Level 1- Field Staff

At this level, a fisherman will typically get some stickers, maybe a hat or shirt and a discount. Usually the discount is less than 20%. There are few expectations for these folks except to say good things about the product.

Level 2- Pro Deal

At this level you are doing some significant things for a company. Maybe it's blogging, videos, pictures, social media and some trade shows. You conduct yourself in a manner consistent with company values and may do a few seminars or speaking events. The discount increases at this level and is usually 20-30%.

Level 3- Pro Staff

One of the most over used terms in the industry, Pro Staff means just that. You are a Pro on the company's Staff. People that work at headquarters know your name even if you don't work in that city. They seek out your advice on product development and deployment. You have a public presence and insider information. You know what new stuff is coming down the pipe well before the public and most of the time, you've been involved with it in some form or fashion. You get good discounts (30-50%) and some free product as well depending on the company.

Level 4- Sponsored

The pinnacle of deals for fishermen. Sponsored guys get significant amounts to all product for free. They are also compensated for entry fees, appearance fees, stipends for days at trade shows, get travel fees and most importantly cut a check for fishing in a kayak. Hoover says there are fewer than 10 of these folks in the country in kayak fishing. 


Let's talk about getting a deal. Lots of fishermen want a deal. Who wouldn't like free product? So can you get a deal? Maybe Field Staff or a Pro Deal? Sure. Can you get sponsored? Sure. BUT... Let me say it again. BUT... you have to work to get there.

Do you want to know the truth? 
If not, thanks for reading, we'll hopefully see you again next week. 

If you do want the actual truth from the man who has climbed to the summit, keep reading. Hoover doesn't pull punches. He wants you to know the REAL DEAL.  These were my takeaways from our conversation. 

There is no sponsorship lotto you can buy a ticket for. No fast track exists. I cannot learn to throw a football today and expect to quarterback the 49ers tomorrow. Too many people want to know the shortcut. They will ask, so how can I get there? Should I blog or do photos or shoot video or talk at conventions or work trade shows? The answer is yes. You should be doing all of those. One avenue for public exposure is rarely enough for potential suitors to want to give you a deal. You need to network, be known and also be reputable. You can't build a good reputation with thousands of people over night. It takes time, public vetting and hard work with no compensation. If you wouldn't do it for free, don't try to get paid for doing it. 

Confession time. When I started this blog I thought I wanted to be sponsored. I called Chad and he gave me the same info you are now getting. He asked me what I loved. I told him I loved to write and tell people about kayak fishing. He told me to chase that. He told me to fish and write. He told me to quit thinking about targeting companies and start thinking about developing what I loved. So I did. To this day I have received $0 for writing this blog. What I have received in abundance is an overwhelming network of friends, business contacts, partner companies and fishermen that have found value in what I have worked so hard to develop. It's very similar to the feeling you get when you catch a big fish on a bait or rod that you have made by hand. 

So what are some keys to getting to a place where companies will ask about you?

1. Care more about the name on the front of the jersey than the back. If your identity is wrapped up in who your sponsors are, you are doing it wrong.

2. Patience. It takes time to become noticed. In some cases, it may never happen and you need to be ok with that.

3. Work.Can't stress this enough. You have to be willing to put more in than you expect to get out. 

4. Don't posture. Brand wars, mine is better than yours, acting like a fool in social media and fights whether verbal or physical are bad news. Keep a positive attitude and represent yourself well. You are your own brand!

5. Stop trying to get free stuff. Get in the game, pay your dues, keep your nose clean, be accessible, open and honest and your time will come. People are attracted to others with passion. If you are passionate about pneumatic snowball throwers and blog about it twice a week, shoot videos and hold seminars on how to build your own, people who share that interest will seek you out. It may take some time but once they find you, if you are the real deal, they will tell their friends. Building a following takes time.

You want the formula for a Staff, Deal or Sponsorship position?


Don't spend your time looking for a loop hole. Spend your time developing your passion. It pays off much bigger in the end.

Do you have thoughts about this article you want others to know? Don't agree? Fully agree? Let me know on Facebook or in the comments section. 

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