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Reader Tip #1- Another Use For A Buff

One of the great features of writing a blog is the conversations I get to have with folks from all over the world. I get emails, Facebook messages and Tweets every week that teach me something new, ask great questions and constantly reaffirm why I love kayaking and kayak fishing.

This week I learned something that I should have thought of but never did. When Jason Y. from Texas recommended it to me I was dumbfounded, so much so I wanted to share it this week!

For most folks in the outdoor community, a Buff is nothing new. The benefits of sun protection, some versions' bug protection and multiple use flexibility are a known quantity. Did you know what else it is good for?


Yes, you read that correctly.

Because of the way our ears are shaped, wind can reduce our ability to hear. Most conventional ear muffs reduce voices because of their thickness. A Buff however, is able to block out the wind but still allow sounds in.

Lots of folks who ride motorcycles use a Buff to cut wind noise. They have to deal with it everyday. On a kayak it can help in wind, even more so at night when your vision is limited, too hear boats or other things coming into your area. Want to hear what is on your six? Try a Buff. I know next time out I'll be trying mine. For the folks who don't like things on their face, this is another use for a Buff where you don't have to wear it over your nose and mouth. Wear it like a skull cap and cover your ears. It will mostly hide under a hat and leave the sunscreen guys the uncovered feel they prefer on their face.

Thanks so much Jason for the tip! 
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