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Used Baits Get New Purpose

Sometimes a really cool thing happens. A phone call or message opens your eyes to something that frankly, is pretty darn cool. That happened to me last week. Clinton Holstine got in touch with me to tell me about Krippled Kritters. I had heard the name but didn’t really know too much about them. After visiting with Clinton and doing a little research, I found out exactly why he was excited to tell me about them.

Krippled Kritters produces soft plastic baits using used, recycled baits, to help in the education of anglers regarding the hazards created when plastics are disposed of in our nations waters. They also sponsor and equip high school and college anglers with soft plastic baits produced by Krippled Kritters in an attempt to help them pursue their dreams in the sport of fishing.

So that is pretty cool but it’s not that easy. It would take an army to gather all of that plastic. This is where you come in.

Krippled Kritters gives anglers a couple of options to dispose of and/or recycle used plastic baits. Anglers can bag up old soft plastic baits and drop them off during a TTZ or FAN monthly tournament or at a weekly night tournament on either Bastrop, Lake Austin or Lake Travis. You may also call any of the Krippled Kitters Team members and they can arrange plans to pick up any used plastic baits anglers need to dispose of or wish to donate. A portion of all used plastics collected will be re-poured and donated to local high school bass teams, the SFA bass team, and other young anglers associated with TTZ, FAN, or the weekly tournaments when available.

 Another way to help is to buy product from Krippled Kritters. Place an order, buy a shirt, or buy the baits. As in any business, it takes money to put out any product.   

 Since the start of Krippled Kritters in October of last year, they have donated over 3000 baits to local high school and college teams, and to the Bastrop County Kid Fish Day last April.

 Does your High School, College, or youth organization need soft plastic baits?

Contact [email protected]. Tell them a little bit about your organization and set up a meeting. It's that easy!

Hopefully you will see the benefit this new company is offering and donate your used soft plastics. That’s a huge step forward. Buying some baits helps too!