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Night Fishing Made Easier

Summer is here. Especially in the South. As the temps rise, the populations of ski boats and jet skis do as well. Some hard core kayak fishermen brave the Beyond the Breakers style wave action at places like Lake Austin but others prefer to wait for night fall.

Oh night. That cooling, non-sunburning, top water bass time of year. More and more folks want to try night fishing and I don't blame them. It's becoming a hot topic again so I wanted to share some info on some things that can help your adventure. We'll skip the legal talk this time (though it is linked below) and get straight to the goodies.

The first thing you are going to need is a 360 light. We've discussed it quite a bit lately but it is very important. For the ins and outs of the law, please visit this link. I have used both the Scotty C-Light and the YakAttack VisiCarbon Pro. The VisiCarbon is far superior, incorporating a brighter light, foldable pole and attached flag. If you want to be seen on the water, this is your first step.

Now you can be seen but can you see? The next recommendation is a head lamp. When you are loading or unloading the kayak, tying knots or trying to see in a certain direction, a headlamp can help a ton. The first order of business is which one. If you look at different packages, you'll see a rating called a lumen. Some lights are 40 lumens, some 200+ lumens. Lumens are the measure of light produced. That $15 special that has 25 lumens, you should leave it alone. A match would almost produce that much light. Headlamps also come with optional strobes and colors in some of the higher end models. I like a red light for tying and it doesn't attract as many bugs. If you want a programmable, multi-function headlamp, check out the Petzl Myo-RXP. It runs about $90 and you can check one out at your local REI or order online.

Headlamp not going to cut it? Need more! I have a solution for that as well. Why not outfit your kayak with some 5050 LEDs? Fully customizable from certain shops, the best in the business is Dez Davis at SuperNova Fishing Lights. He can custom make you a kit for exactly what you want whether it be cabin lights, fishing lights, nav lights or deck lights. If you can dream it, Dez can help you find a solution. If you are ordering lights online, best know what you are getting into. To get educated, check this link.

Make sure you are safe and legal, get you some goodies and get out on the water while the night fishing is hot. Hearing a bass suck down a frog in the dark is something to be experienced. Give it a shot!

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