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Prescription for Sunshine

Somebody call the weather doctor. We need a prescription for sunshine stat!

With winter storms still terrorizing most of the country (while the Floridians laugh at us all), our nation of kayak fishers has grown agitated. We huddle in our houses, buying things online, rigging and re-rigging our kayaks and scouring Facebook for those pictures from Dee Kaminski in Florida or snow fishing with those Hardcore Boys. Maybe you stumble across a scoring controversy in a tournament, put your two cents in and then go watch Die Hard again. For the 729th time.

I've reorganized my tackle 12 times in the last month and only been out once. That has to change. Cabin Fever is going to break me!

The local weather guy, who has been wrong more this month than in his whole career, says we just started a warming trend here in Central Texas. I'll take it. Anything over 40 right now is welcome. With a little sun the water will get up over 50 in short order and the bass will really start the prowl. Most of my haunts are 45 right now which is colder than I remember ever seeing them. I realize it's not ice like our friends in Michigan have but guys, I am three hours from the friggin' Gulf of Mexico. I don't live here to be a popsicle. Cold for Texas people, especially anyone south of Dallas, is less than 50. Sure we will bundle up and go fish but it's usually warm water lakes and those get crazy busy in the cold.

With some flare ups, agitations and some harsh words this week, our sport needs a good reset. We all love kayak fishing. Whether you fish for money, for joy or both, a great reward is a warm day on the water with friends. That will present itself to most of the South this weekend. Take a minute when you shove off to feel the glide of the kayak and listen to nature. Remember why you got into the sport and what you love about it. Take a moment of joy from each day out.

This has been a rough week.

Decisions were made. Discussions were had. I'll leave it at that. Hopefully a prescription of sunshine will give everyone a chance to hit the water and we can all paddle on.

So, who's with me? Anybody fishing this weekend?
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